QuickRights consists of three main elements

* we are not a marketplace

Avails Manager

Find and present instantly all possible combinations and restrictions of your avails.

Deliverables Manager

QuickRights Deliverables Manager helps you manage all your digital assets in an intuitive, yet powerful manner, reducing error rates to the minimum.

Agreements Generator

Create agreements with pre-made templates and customize them if needed.
Share the agreement draft with your clients and let them comment on it.

Features Of QuickRights

  • Mobile First approach.
  • Agreements Generator with versioning, team collaboration and preset templates.
  • Import film data from IMDb.
  • Send avails links and screeners with custom set expirable links.
  • Intuitive Avails Manager.
  • Powerful Deliverables Manager with continuous downloader and uploader at affordable prices.
  • Manage sales, clients and right-holders.
  • Disclose only the details you want, to the people you choose.

Why Should We Use QuickRights ?

Built With Experience

QuickRights was planned and conceived when we encountered our own challenges: awkward agreements versioning, unclear availabilities and endless mistakes with delivery files.

That’s why we built it Mobile First:
From our experience, most negotiations start when standing. At that situation, the most handy tool beyond your brain, is your phone.
So we worked hard to integrate everything you might need into a small screen, in a friendly and usable manner.

Machines. Assisting. Humans

QuickRights does not replace the distributor or the sales agent. Instead, we’re assisting them in getting the deal done faster. Films rights are complicated and require delicate, sensitive negotiation. We believe they should not be handled automatically.
Right-holders relate to QuickRights as their internal inventory manager, not as their sales robot.  

assisting humans

Control Your Assets

Everything is in your hands, literally.
Retain total control over the information you disclose.
Not everyone likes to have their avails open. Send links to potential buyers and set a date for their expiry. Decide  whether your clients can watch screeners

Instant Avails

Reply instantly to enquiries about availabilities. Gone are the days of
I have to check whether the film is available in your territory and for the platform you asked. Sorry, did you mention you need exclusivity? Oh, in that case I have to check it with our office in the UK to see that it’s not contradicting with another agreement we already have“.
Check availabilities directly from your phone and present them to your clients in a snap