QuickRights pricing is simple and straightforward. Not a complex billing systems with elaborate conditions and fine print.

We offer two plans: Basic and Enterprise.

Basic Plan – $49 USD a month

Add as many films as you want, as many team team embers as you want. Invite as many clients to see the avails. Invite as many right-holders to contribute media when needed. Do as many deals as you can.
The account is self-managed. Of course, we’re at your disposal for support and there’s a great knowledge base too.

Enterprise Plan – $250 USD a month

Practically, the Enterprise Plan is a managed account. That means that all the unlimited options from the Basic plan are available for you, but we manage them for you, entering film data, uploading files, updating avails etc. You will have a reference person (Account Manager) to talk to, instead of an accidental support agent. The account manager knows you and your films personally.
You might be worried about confidentiality. That’s natural. Please read our Security section here to see how we protect your trade secrets.


In addition to the plans, account holders pay 10 US cents per Gigabyte. The first 5GB are free.
The charge is low and more or less covers the cost. Since we wanted to provide an all-in-one solution to distributors and right-holders, we developed the Deliverables Manager, which allows sending very large files.

We charge a minimum which would make it sustainable for us and at the same time, will save you the need to juggle between different systems for managing avails + agreement generation + deliverables.

Account holders can always follow their storage cost and delete unnecessary files to reduce their charge. In addition, we don’t charge for traffic, just for the storage itself. That means that if you uploaded a 100GB, you pay only $10 even if each of 10 of your clients downloaded it separately. Quick math shows that the bandwidth is 1TB. Nevertheless, you pay for only 100GB.

No Yearly Plans

We don’t offer yearly plans. And there is a reason for it: the charge for the storage would have to stay always on a monthly basis (for a technical reason which is too long to explain here).
And if the charge for the storage is monthly while the subscription is yearly… well, that’s confusing.
We don’t want you to be confused. Cost should remain simple and straightforward. So we make it monthly all across the board.

There is another reason for it: Most businesses offer a reduced yearly plan in order to get the clients hooked. Statistically, many clients will not stay after that one year, but the business got at least some cash flow for a year (a small secret revealed).
We trust you’d stay with us. And if you wouldn’t, we probably haven’t been good enough. That gives us more motivation.

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