Why we developed the Avails Manager

Where does it comes from and what challenges does it address. That video, presented by QuickRights founder, explains why the Avails Manager is relevant to a distributor’s daily work.

Avails in a Snap

Availabilities, or avails, are the core concept or film distribution. They are also the most challenging aspect of it, as they they are hard to manage. A typical distribution deal may be stuck for weeks or months because no clear answer is provided about the availability of a certain film. QuickRights addresses that issue and allows film distributors and buyers to close deals within minutes, with its intuitive and handy Avails Manager.

Deliverables Made Easy

Sending master files and other assets, such as transcripts, music cue sheets, posters and PR material for a film can be daunting task.
Add to it the need to differentiate languages, festivals vs. TV versions, layered, editable files vs. flattened ones, separated channels vs. mixed… – You get the idea. It’s a messy, confusing world, full of details and different formats.
QuickRights’ Deliverable Manager helps any distribution company of any size to take control over deliverables, in an efficient, intuitive manner.
We are our own first users and most rigorous testers, as we use it Movie Discovery, our own VOD platform